Modern Design Solutions

Our Services

Consultation and supervision

Our Supervision Consultancy Team provides quality management services via monitoring and evaluating work executed on site by the Contractors and taking necessary actions to ensure the proper adherence to and implementation of the design documents.

Design and demonstrate

AWAN team of creative designers and engineers are capable to deliver a trend line designs that convert any area to a piece of art that you be proud of, all designs will be professionally demonstrated to our clients to make sure client is fully aware of what to expect.


Construction is not only a bricks, iron and cement it is a complex process that has many aspects, AWAN professional construction team are capable to put all data together and utilize all avaialble resources to come out with best operation to be cost efficient and quality guarnted construction


Regardless the current condition of any unit AWAN professional team are meant to upgrade your property and restore the luster of your space, soft renovation and provide all necessary addons or work to make sure unit are restored even better than previously.

Infrastructure networks

AWAN team are providing all kind of infrastructure networks such as electrical networks, fire fighting, sewage, water supply, irrigation, telecommunication and internet, fiber optical networks, and even roads and pavements with no leak of high standards and cost efficient manner.

Electrical Systems

Electric work extended to indoor electrical network requirements that provides the most efficient and usable electric needs to run your property with no hassles, AWAN team will make sure do deliver the best creative and quality electrical solutions.

Air-conditioning solutions

AWAN know the heat of summer can be annoying that's why AWAN team are always up to date with the most recent technology and equipment to air-conditioning your property and make sure to save your money as well.

Pluming networks

One of the most critical work is Pluming, AWAN team of professionals can provide a high standard pluming network and finish with the best available materials to make sure no hassles are faced by our valued customer in future.

Security solutions

AWAN always recommend to our valued customers to pay attention to security systems to be always safe, we provide a wide range of security and surveillance systems that suites your property to insure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Smart home and networking

The latest trends of smart homes are not far from your reach, AWAN can convert your home to a smart unit that can be controlled by you with a finger tip to facilitate the way you use your property.

Finishing and interior

Interior is the way people will see your property, AWAN provides the most creative and beautiful interior designs and uses a high quality material that will last and will be an eye catch for anyone visits your place. All that in a cost control way.


Gardens, swimming pools and outdoor decoration are part of the beauty of your property, AWAN will make sure to create a beautiful environment that you and your visitors will enjoy at max.


Every space must has a suitable piece of furniture that makes it a unique, AWAN will customize furniture to make sure your space is perfect, whether from Italy, France, USA or Made in EGYPT AWAN will make sure all designs are the most recent trends and quality never compromised.